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TDNet, the leading provider of information-technology solutions for libraries and knowledge centers, is dedicated to helping users work faster and more efficiently while enhancing user experience.
TDNet highly flexible solutions meet the needs of individual libraries, knowledge centers and consortia doing much of the work, and saving both time and expenses. Leveraging TDNet’s years of experience and understanding of customer needs, Discover reduces administrative workload, simplifies discovery, and enables library personnel to focus on serving their patrons.

TDNet solutions put technology, professional services and the company’s years of experience at the disposal of our customers. Each advanced software product is carefully adapted to each organization’s needs in terms of design, interfaces, and content characteristics.  


Powerful yet simple discovery of your most precious library resources.

TDNet Discover empowers users to discover and obtain all the information they need to bridge the gaps of knowledge. Using an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, users can search TDNet’s extensive knowledgebase of thousands of external resources via federation, effectively having all electronic resources they need at their fingertips.Web-scale search targets multiple electronic resources with a single query, avoiding the need learn different search formats or run multiple searches


Enriched portals customized to user preferences.

TDNet Discover offers a single, unified interface to the full capabilities of the TDNet Knowledgebase, link resolver, searcher and more. Powerful personalization features enable users to create personal areas with items saved in personal folders, saved searches and custom alerts.TDNet offers an out of the box and fully customizable portal and content pages with a comprehensive content-management system uniquely adapted to the needs of each organization and sector.


Intelligent user authentication results in fast searches and discovery.

TDNet powerful user-authentication methods ensure that every search in a library’s collection results in speedy and accurate retrieval of the appropriate sources. 
Authentication and access management for consortia support different access rights for subsidiary organizations and their individual users, as well as usage statistics per resource, per subsidiary, per department, and more.