Teldan Information Systems is a leading global provider of information products and services for over three decades. The company represents leading worldwide publishers and provides access to the most prestigious and professional information resources. Resources include e-journals, e-books, and research databases - all combined with the most powerful discovery services to support a wide range of information needs.
Teldan’s customers include: universities and colleges, research institutes and development centers, Health and medical centers, public libraries, government agencies and offices, corporations and security organizations.  

In the last decade, the company has developed products and technologies to answer the needs of customers. Teldan is committed to being on the edge of the latest technology for developing and providing the best information solutions. We adhere to the highest standards of excellence, quality and professionalism in long-term, strategic partnership with our customers.

International Operations

Teldan works worldwide. With a global presence, Teldan supports information needs anywhere with international customers in the USA, China, Europe, South America and Africa.