New product development typically overruns deadlines by 120% while 70% of companies admit to investing in duplicative research. Let the IHS Product Design solutions rescue your engineers from the rising tide of raw data and opinions. We can often reduce research time by 33% or more.

IHS experts apply advanced analytics to comprehensive engineering data resources to find the answers you need. Quickly target relevant standards from 1.6+ million documents written by 370+ authorizing organizations worldwide. Devise solutions in record time with semantic search technology. Access vital engineering information, integrated with powerful analytics and problem-solving tools, in a single, intuitive interface. We help companies transform ideas into reality while reducing risks and costs.

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IHS Knowledge Collections
Single-source access to well-known and widely used manuals, handbooks, reference books, and more, covering topics across industry sectors and technical fields. Delivered using the innovative Engineering Workbench Platform
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Engineering Workbench Platform
Addresses this "information overload" challenge with a single intuitive interface that uses advanced knowledge discovery technologies to surface answers from a curated universe of technical knowledge, including standards from all of the leading SDOs
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ESDU design methods
ESDU: Validated engineering design methods. Drawing upon a legacy of more than 70 years, the Engineering Sciences Data Unit (ESDU) provides reliable validated engineering design data, methods and software to engineers and designers.
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Who uses the Engineering workbench?
Engineers (Design, Compliance, Safety, Materials)
Non-engineer technical professionals
Engineering program managers
Standards managers

How do they use it?
Use vetted industry reference sources to discover reliable and innovative solutions to technical challenges quickly
Accelerate R&D and problem solving
Minimize rework in the design cycle
Consolidate information sources to make your engineering teams more efficient and collaborative
Reduce costs and simplify processes
Increase utilization of knowledge sources
Improve relevance of technical answers provided to engineering/R&D teams

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