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Teldan offers a wide range of database resources to serve the dynamic needs of the public libraries and their surrounding communities. We are committed to helping librarians to engage the evolving information needs of their patrons and strengthen resources. Teldan complements your library’s vision for providing more visibility as the heart of your community.

Teldan places customers at the center of the service process. We focus on understanding and meeting user information needs. While each customer is unique, a common thread connects them with similar information challenges and goals – no matter the sector or industry. We’re always there to listen, help and support.

Teldan’s public library customers include worldwide public libraries, community centers, research libraries and more. With the diverse interests and backgrounds of patrons, libraries leverage Teldan’s leading publishers for the most up to date information and technologies including Matach, Gale, Oxford University Press, Sage Publication, and more.

Our Public Library Services guide customers to ensure they have the latest information. Services include e-Journals & Print Journals, Databases and eBooks.

Telden is a supplier of Femi Premium.