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Teldan offers a wide range of journals and online resources to serve the needs of corporations. We are committed to helping professionals and executives develop competencies, understand compliance issues, keep up with new topics of interest and support continuous learning across your company to advance your personnel and future needs.

Whether its technology, manufacturing or small or large business, Teldan places customers at the center of the service process. We focus on understanding and meeting user information needs. While each customer is unique, a common thread connects them with similar information challenges and goals – no matter the sector or industry. We’re always there to listen, help and support.

Teldan’s corporate customers include leading worldwide organizations, companies, scientific institutions and more. Leading publishers provide the most up-to-date information including, IHS Markit, Jane's, IEEE, Proquest, IOP Publishing, Springer Nature and more.

Our Corporate Services guide customers to ensure they have the latest information. Services include e-Journals & Print Journals, Standards, Databases and eBooks.