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Teldan provides online access to hundreds of databases and thousands of sources for scientific, technological, medical and engineering information. Combining authoritative content from world-renowned sources with innovative information technologies, Teldan offers a full range of information services and a broad spectrum of knowledge resources for the academic, corporate, government, and healthcare communities.

As a leading information services provider with more than 30 years of information services expertise, Teldan caters to the specific needs of Libraries, Information Centers, Universities, Corporations, Research and Development Organizations, Medical Centers, Industry, Government and Defense Organizations.

Teldan’s innovation and vision brings customers a loyal and long-standing partner in fulfilling all your information needs. As customers are moving from the "Information Age" to the "Knowledge Age", we now provide an increasing number of filtered, analyzed, real-time and customized information services, adding real value to information used by scientists, researchers, healthcare professionals, managers & consultants, decision makers and information professionals.