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The latest development in the information field is with converting journals from print only collections to a mixture of electronic (e-Journal) and print subscriptions. It’s one of the most interesting and demanding challenges in the field today. With eJournals, libraries have more journal flexibility and options, and journal use ultimately increases. But, how should libraries handle the increased demand? How can libraries ensure it’s still quick and easy to access journals? How should the journals be organized and archived?

Teldan is a leader in the journal to e-Journal transformation - closely following and actively participating in providing the best materials for each organization. We place tremendous importance and effort in providing excellent service to our customers, handling all the details and simplifying journal collections and usage for quick, easy access, while taking into account long-term considerations.

Teldan helps customers make the transition into eJournals. In contrast to print subscriptions, the field of electronic e-Journal subscriptions is much more diversified. Every publisher has its own methods and policies regarding price structure, registration and activation. There’s continuous need to pay attention to changes, since problems can develop throughout the year. Teldan removes the worry and hassle around Print journals and eJournals.

Teldan provides the extensive journal services including:

  • Comprehensive print and electronic e-Journal services – Teldan represents leading publishers around the world.
  • Personalized professional services – Teldan provides professional administration of orders, individual attention to claims and customized reporting to customers 
  • Specialized computer services – Teldan offers computerized check-in capabilities and automatic claims 
  • Extensive information services – Teldan customers range from 100’s of libraries and information centers located in universities, medical centers, government agencies, defense organizations and a vast range of scientific, financial and technological industries worldwide