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With the growing interests in electronic content, Teldan is pleased to offer the academic, corporate, medical, research communities access to hundreds and thousands of eBooks from leading eBooks suppliers in the world. We will be happy to offer our experience and assistance in achieving your patron’s needs.   


     eBooks advantages: 



  • 1. A variety of publishers
  • 2. General collections, thematic collections
  • 3. Business models adapted to the needs of the organization
  • 4. One-time purchase or annual subscription
  • 5. Unlimited access
  • 6. Marc Records available for download
  • 7. Direct access from mobile devices
  • 8. Search and management tool
  • 9. Ongoing training and support

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     eBooks list of publishers A-Z:



-          World’s largest online collection of core clinical and medical textbooks

-          Special pricing available for custom collections

-          Get always the latest edition – annual subscription model

     Gale eTextBooks

-          Access to more than 100 textbooks in various subjects

-          Flexible licensing options – one time purchase and/or annual subscription

-          No annual access fee

     Gale Virtual Reference Library

-          Largest Reference collection  - more than 4,000 reference sources

-          Unique subject collection

-          Start with one book- develop your collection at your own pace

      IEEE-Wiley eBooks Library

-         Over 500 titles focused on cutting-edge technologies, authored by leaders in the field,

         that help set the standards for future advancements

-         Collection includes practical handbooks, introductory and advanced texts,reference

         works, and professional books

-         View list of available titles at


      IET Books


-          Over 300 books across 12 series, covering key areas of engineering and technology

-          Available to purchase at chapter level as well as full text

-           Get a feel of the IET eBooks at


-          More than 3,000 newly released books each year

-          Access via SpringerLink Platform

-       Pricing model based on size and type of institution

Sage eReference

-          More than 100 bestselling and award winning Sage titles

-          Pricing model – one time purchase + annual access fee from 5th year only

-          Also available – Sage Handbooks collection

      Proquest eBrary

-          A wide variety of flexible models for acquiring eBooks from leading publishers.

-          Subscribe to packages or Patron Driven Acquisition, or on-demand access with short

         term loans

-          More detailed information visit

University Press Scholarship Online

-          Offers online access to an expending range of oxford’s scholarly titles, as well other

         prestigious academic publishers

-          Individual titles or subjects collection

-          Discounts are available if two or more collections are purchased together


-          Thousands of titles, and feature publications from Blackwell and Wiley in various subjects

-          Flexible licensing options are available based on the library’s need

-          Attractive discounts for multi-title purchases

ספריית "כותר" ספרי עיון

-          למעלה מ- 1000 ספרים אלקטרוניים בעברית המוצאים לאור על ידי המו"לים המובילים בישראל

-          מאות ספרים חדשים מידי שנה

-          מגוון רחב של נושאים ותחומים

ספריית "כותר" ספרי לימוד

-          מאות ספרי לימוד בהוצאת המרכז לטכנולוגיה חינוכית (מטח) ומו"לים נוספים

-          מגוון רחב של תחומים המיועדים לכל רמות הלימוד: יסודי, חטיבת ביניים ותיכון

-          שכבות של מידע אינטראקטיבי, ובניהם קישורים למקורות העשרה ולפרטי

        מידע עתירי מדיה, עדכונים ופעילויות שונות





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