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Morningstar Real Time Finanacial Information & Data Feeds API/XML


Financial market data requirements are rapidly expanding as customers integrate ever more sophisticated analytical and trading applications into their environments. Mission-critical decisions need accurate and timely currency exchange and other contributed data. Applications must accommodate these demands and allow for information to be published and accessed accordingly.


Morningstar Global Market Data Products and Solutions

Morningstar offers a wide range of data feeds and feed formats for intelligent data delivery to meet the increasingly exacting requirements of today’s financial services community. Timeliness and reliability are Morningstar overriding priorities. Morningstar range of solutions are designed to accommodate those users requiring high quality fast consolidated feeds through to those needing a low latency service via direct exchange connections or collocation and onsite processing. All of Morningstar products and services benefit from a central technology and distributed network. Morningstar broad range of products offers a variety of intraday market data in real time, delayed, snapshot or end of day.


With the collection of data from over 150 sources, the Morningstar Global Market Data Feed is the underlying source for all of our products. We offer extensive coverage of the world’s equity, derivative and treasury markets spanning Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.
Morningstar can also provide historical tick data since 2003 and historic OHLCV data since 1999. Our consolidated data feeds are normalized and delivered through a single ‘pipe’ for ease of integration, however the data represents as closely as possible the original source data with no netting or judgmental cleaning.


Morningstar Global Network

Morningstar maintains a global network of ticker plants spread across London, New York, Frankfurt,Tokyo and Hong Kong which ensures that customers receive fast, precise and reliable data. This distributed network combines low latency with high redundancy wherever you are in the world.




Morningstar Customer Service

We understand that maintaining a continuous flow of market data is critical to your organisation, so Morningstar has a global delivery and support infrastructure to ensure this. Morningstar strives to provide superior service to our customers through nderstanding and then reacting to their business needs and requirements. Our service levels are not standard but are defined individually by specific customer requirements.


Morningstar Customers

Morningstar has over 1000 customers which includes Barclays, Cantor Fitzgerald, SINO, VWD, ICAP, ING, Equinet, Euronext, London Stock Exchange, Australian Stock Exchange, HSBC, Lloyds TSB, ODL, Saxo Bank, Dubus (France), Dexia Bank, Caixa Central and QuoteMedia.


Morningstar Ownership

The Morningstar is wholly owned by a private equity fund. The fund, which has been an investor in Morningstar since 1996, is a member of a group of funds which hold a broad portfolio of investments. Its range of investments in the financial market data and technology sector, include interests in AK Jenson, the Channel Islands Stock Exchange and Phoenix Administration.


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