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Electronic Subscriptions

Using the latest developments in information technology, Teldan is at the forefront of the information age, implementing an innovative, flexible and customer-oriented approach.

  • Invoicing & Entering Subscriptions to eJournals
  • Payment & Continual Technical Contact with Publishers
  • Subscription Number, Registration & Activation Validation
  • eJournal Management & Full Administrative Report Disclosure

Teldan has been closely following and actively participating in the latest development in the information field: collection conversion from print subscription to either electronic subscription or to a mixture of print and electronic subscription.

Teldan considers this one of the more interesting and demanding challenges in our efforts to provide an excellent service to our clients. Interesting, because it gives the library more flexibility and options, and ultimately increases journal use. Demanding, because the transfer needs to be quick and easy, while long-term considerations (archives) must be taken into account.
In contrast to print subscriptions, the field of electronic subscriptions is very diversified, with every publisher having different methods and policies regarding price structure, registration, and activation. In addition, there is need to for constant attention to changes, and problems that develop throughout the year.
As in our Journal Subscription Services, each client library is assigned a specific personal contact to handle all the following services: 

  • Payments to Publishers
  • Subscription Numbers
  • Contact with Publishers
  • Technical Problems
  • Customized Reports

Teldan clients receive a report listing all titles for which electronic access is free based upon the print subscription. Teldan also provides each client with full information to register for online access. We can also furnish each client with customized reports that can include all of the following: 

  • Title, ISSN, Frequency
  • Customer reference number, Teldan order number, Subscription reference number
  • Publisher, Publisher URL, Registration URL, Title URL
  • Publisher Address, Telephone, Fax, Email
  • Price for Print, E-journal

In addition, a more extensive premium service is available. This includes the following additional services: 

  • Analysis of print vs. electronic price packages
  • Negotiating license agreements with publishers and vendors
  • Subscription registration and activation

Teldan would be glad to recommend and create a personalized, integrated, combined print and electronic management system.

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