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Welcome to INFO 2015 - The 30 Annual Conference & Exhibition


11 May 2015, Waldorf Astoria hotel Jerusalem

12-13 May 2015, Hilton hotel Tel Aviv




We would be glad to offer you the opportunity to take part at INFO 2015, Conference and Exhibition, celebrating its 30th Anniversary.

Will take place on May 11-13 2015 at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Organized by Teldan Information Systems, which has led the information industry in Israel for over 30 years.

Teldan INFO Conferences have been the most prestigious and professional events of the Information community in Israel for over three decades which makes this meeting an especially attractive venue for leading Information providers.


The conference will host a professional exhibition. The leading information companies, publishers and information providers from Israel and abroad will display the latest developments in the industry and will demonstrate technologies and products.

We invite you to take part in the largest conference & exhibition of its kind in Israel.


                                                               On display at the INFO 2015 Exhibition:


·      Publishers & Aggregators

·      e Publishing

·      Databases & Vendors

·      e-Journals&  e-Books

·      Mobile Platforms

·      Digitation Services

·      Electronic Document Delivery



·      Internet technologies

·      Discovery & Management of

     Electronic Resources

·      Library Technologies

·      Information Retrieval Systems

·      Knowledge Management

·      STM Information


The INFO 2015 programme will include seminars, workshops and presentations and will be built around the following themes: publishing 2015: business models and technological innovations, eBooks & eBooks readers, internet 2015, cloud computing, social media, applications on mobile handheld devices, cyber, discovery & management of electronic resources, library management, infographics, search engines, medical information, legal information, business intelligence and more.


Traditionally, INFO conferences have been the largest professional meeting of all involved in information: information specialists, librarians, researchers and academics, business intelligence and content managers, business development managers, information systems managers, project managers, managers and executives in organizations in various sectors: academic, industrial, commercial, government medicine and law.

INFO 2015 week offers a wide variety of unique and innovative seminars, exposing participants to the new products, technologies, tools, issues of information, databases, digital projects, and using the best speakers from Israel and abroad.


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